Tuesday, April 17th
2:59am EST: Venus 20°Taurus58’ opposite Jupiter 20°Scorpio58’ → This opposition has the potential to bring great awareness to our upcoming Uranus in Taurus story (the God of Chaos enters Taurus May 15th). Use this moment to bring greater awareness to what you value most. A deeper understanding of your worth and your work goes a long way in getting you what you want. These benefics are facing off to show you both sides. If you’re struggling in partnership due to resources, get curious about the constants. What values do you both find vital to the mission? Start from there to find solutions.

4:09am EST: Chiron enters Aries → This hurt healer has been wading in the Pisces holy waters since 2010 and for the first time in about forty years he crashes into the Head of the Ram. Remember that Chiron is a teacher and healer as much as he is wounded. His lessons are founded upon the notion that we learn immensely from our injuries. Healing requires us to confront our cuts. While choosing to clean them might induce temporary aches - not cleaning spreads contamination and dis-ease. Chiron will retrograde back into Pisces September 25th serving us a spoonful of compassion to coax down the first taste of Aries high proof alcohol. Until then, watch where your fear(lessness) fathoms frightful after-effects. Chiron will transit Aries for about nine years. During this time, we’re learning how to take direct steps to deal with our struggles and growing pains are essential to the process.

9:04am EST: Venus 21°Taurus16’ trine Pluto 21°Capricorn’ → This aspect gives Venus a hunger for the extremely exquisite and the power tools to tease it out at any cost. The goddess is worth her work, whispering words of wisdom gathered from Jupiter to the King of Power who’s preparing to review some of his recent procurements in Capricorn. An opportunity to make tangible and perhaps profitable changes to the challenge, based on useful news gathered seemingly overnight. Adapt the test to meet the taker and score an A for allure.

9:47pm EST: Saturn stations retrograde at 9°Capricorn08’ → He’s taking his time to carefully lay the foundation for his fortress and will be reviewing all he’s built since the beginning of this year until September 6th. This can be a moment for giant and slow steps that redirect in the part of your chart that contains Capricorn. Saturn is one slice in the Mars sandwich with Pluto and he’s slathering patience all over our plans. Be grateful and say grace for the gift of time, even if you’re eager to eat!

Wednesday, April 18th
10:00am EST: Sun conjunct Uranus at 28°Aries29’ → There’s power to this punch and the party crashers are either calling the police or prancing in the penthouse. Adds a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious dose of anger or excitement to an already eye-opening week. Whether you’re taking off, jumping in or breaking up with a bang, a self-care soak or shower slipped in for processing any astonishment will be simply smashing.

Thursday, April 19th
11:12pm EST: Sun enters Taurus → A much needed softening of the ground beneath our feet. After all this fire, things finally get fertile. Growth is a glorious thing. Look at how far you’ve come since December or even early-March. Then make yourself a fine and flowery meal as you embark on a month of enduring work that secures you every sensual pleasure. Work hard, play easy because what are you working for if you don’t give yourself a chance to relax and luxuriate with the lilacs?

Friday, April 20th
3:07am EST: Sun 0*Taurus09’ semisextile Chiron 0°Aries09’ → A flashlight is thrown on the first wound - the consequences of decisions we made at the final stretch of Mercury’s retrograde cycle in Aries. Consequences don’t have to be negative. Be critical concerning everything that’s not in your control and find the courage to change what you can. You made the choice, accept it, learn from it and make the most of whatever winnings it got you.

Sunday, April 22nd
11:26am EST: Pluto stations retrograde at 21°Capricorn17’ → Transpersonal planet stations are felt five days before and five days after. Pluto is arguably the most muscular on a collective level and we’re watching power shifts in the part of our charts containing Capricorn. If the commander isn’t convincing, find a new leader or lead the way yourself.

Aries SeasonErin Shipley