Monday, April 9th
3:53am EST: Mars 12°Capricorn34’ inconjunct True Node 12°Leo34’ → Adjust the plan to fit the dream, not the other way around. You might run into some hurdles on your heart’s path but it’s prime-time for you to jump higher. Keep your eyes open and flex your mind muscles. If you think you can you can; if you think you can’t you can’t.

Tuesday, April 10th
6:11am EST: Venus 12°Taurus33’ square True Node 12°Leo33’ → You’re being given a choice around what you value in relationships. First remember that you are in relationship to everything; to family and business, friends and romance, to the collective, to your body and (perhaps most importantly in this case) to your own magnum opus. Do an exercise writing your own obituary as if you lived exactly the way you wanted to in this world. Notice how you describe that person. Then when faced with this choice, choose to show up the way your reincarnated self would want.

Wednesday, April 11th
12:54am EST: Sun 21°Aries15’ square Pluto 21°Capricorn15’ → An impulsive and perhaps reckless resolve erupts under the profundity of responsibility thrust upon it. Is it more important to be right or free? Do you have to be right to be free or free to be right? Is it possible to be both? Or for both of you to be right even if you disagree? Doing the work of digging deep for the spark within you optimizes your dignity and encourages you to take on the tasks that get you where you want to go. Realign with your fire instead of trying to extinguish someone else’s flame.

2:02am EST: Venus 13°Taurus35’ trine Mars 13°Capricorn35’ → Adds a little parsley, sage, rosemary and timeliness to our anxiety as we wind the watch. A balancing act that adds some ease to the early April workflow showers. Perhaps in a moment of frustration, you crumpled a note containing an important someone’s number and pitched it against the wall. In this case, Venus is the gentlewoman that comes out with the good cry, picks up the paper and smooths it open. You can call them back when you’re ready and see what happens.

8:15am EST: Sun 21°Aries34’ inconjunct Jupiter(Rx) 21°Scorpio34’ → We’re waking up to our resilience and reading up on how to use it. This might be uncomfortable at first. It’s normal for an atrophied muscle to struggle as it gains strength. You have to practice your ability to see yourself. Add some tolerance to your eyedrops and shed some tender tears as you make the changes that help you take on more than you might be accustomed to.

Thursday, April 12th
12:17am EST: Venus 15°Taurus15’ sextile Neptune 15°Pisces20’ → The devotion that flows into all your plants as you water them and the sensation of kindliness that returns to you, seeping into your veins from having taken the time to support their growth. This aspect reminds us not only of the ultimate dream, but the joy and dreaminess that can be found in the process of making it reality. It doesn’t always have to feel like hard work. Not a moment for a break but perhaps for a gentle unfolding in the story.

11:40pm EST: Sun conjunct Eris at 23°Aries24’ → If you play with fire you’re going to get burned. Sure to stir the pot and cause it to boil. Watch out for madwomen and watch where you become one. Chances are you have a right to be angry. This adds power to your punch so make sure you drink it slowly. Channel your fury if you can and find a safe place to release it. A good evening to get a workout in but maybe not to try to work it out. Take some space. Then check back in for the hard conversations when your adrenaline is in check.

Saturday, April 14th
5:58am EST: Jupiter(Rx) 21°Scorpio16’Rx sextile Pluto 21°Capricorn16’ → The second of three sextiles this year that ask us to do some internal questioning about how we relate to conflict and how we might shift that relationship. Think back to January 15th/16th. Take note of any patterns you find yourself in. If you are the common denominator, how can you change the equation? If you don’t like the result you might need to work with new variables.

1:27pm EST: Mars 15°Capricorn24’ sextile Neptune 15°Pisces24’ → Lights! Camera! Action! This production is rolling as Mars swims away from Saturn’s walls and into Neptune’s free-flowing ocean. Fire and water don’t always make nice but in this case we finally begin to feel liberated. Creative juices fill our cups and we’re as giddy as a basic biddy on a coconut cleanse. It’s okay to own your beauty when you work for it.

Sunday, April 15th
5:21am EST: Mercury stations direct at 4°Aries46’ → Cats out of the bag and strutting down the streets again. The messenger is still sulking for a moment before he picks up speed so take time to consider how you’re going to redo anything that was undone. Make some alterations to your style and admire the spruced up tailoring. You have a second chance to show up in a way that is meaningful to you and you’ve done the inner work to understand what that looks like. What are you waiting for? Show up and see what happens the second time around.

9:57pm EST: New Moon* at 26°Aries02’ → A bright opportunity in the dark. With so many planets in their exaltation or home signs, this is a POTENT potion. We’ve reviewed and revised, pulling up weeds and seeds that didn’t take to sprouts. Now we’ve cleared some space in the garden. This is primetime to plan your planting. *For an intimate gathering and more guidance on how to work with this New Moon please join me for the New Moon in Aries Ceremony this Sunday 4/15 in Brooklyn.