Healing Your business

In a September 2017 article on the psychology of business for Forbes Magazine, Prudy Gourguechon wrote “Self-awareness is a necessary precondition for making the right decisions and developing as a leader.” I partner with small and large organizations in a fun and innovative way to heighten self-awareness and increase enthusiasm and productivity in the workplace. Everyone, regardless of their position within a company, has leadership qualities to cultivate and contribute. I improve professional development on your team by bringing the tarot to your work-space. Individual sessions offered during and at the end of the workday excite all levels of personnel and stimulate thoughtful company culture. As the world of healing and mindfulness continues to see rapid growth, companies are seeking opportunities to engage employee interest through benefits and events that encourage individuals to connect more and grow with their organization. 

In addition to individual tarot sessions, I offer astrology workshops that engage professionals on a group level. Workshops are tailored to company interest, focusing either on self-discovery through a basic understanding of birth-charts or on team-building exercises that incorporate current solar energy and phases of the moon. 

To book an event or package of readings for your business, fill out the form below or contact me via e-mail at erin@etshipley.com. 

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